The Advanced Diver course is the next level of scuba diving certification beyond the Open Water Diver course. It’s designed for certified divers who want to enhance their diving skills, gain more experience, and explore a wider range of diving environments and activities.

During the Advanced Diver course, participants typically complete a series of specialty dives under the guidance of a certified instructor. These dives often include deep diving, navigation, night diving, drift diving, wreck diving, and buoyancy control, among others. Each specialty dive focuses on specific skills and techniques relevant to the chosen diving activity.

The Advanced Open Water Diver course typically consists of both classroom sessions and open water dives. In the classroom, students learn about dive planning, equipment considerations, safety protocols, and environmental awareness related to the specialty dives they will undertake. Open water dives provide students with practical experience applying the skills and knowledge they have learned in real diving scenarios.

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Open Water course, participants receive a certification card that signifies their advanced training and allows them to undertake more challenging dives with increased confidence and competence. Advanced divers are better equipped to explore a wider variety of dive sites and conditions, opening up new opportunities for adventure and discovery beneath the waves.

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