Protect Komodo's Marine Environment
If we dont act, who will?
Looking out for the Marine Environment
Monitoring and Protecting every dive..
In a challenging marine environment.

Dive Operators of Komodo dedicated to safe and sustainable diving in Komodo..

The Dive Operators Collaboration of Komodo (DOCK) is dedicated to the Komodo National Park and its Marine Environment. Our Ethic is one of Safety, professionalism, and environmental and social sustainability.

Our members have agreed to stricter guidelines to ensure that our operations are compliant with international best practice, and above and beyond the required standards in this vibrant and rapidly developing destination.

Helping the environment.

Our environmental activism focuses on monitoring and protecting the marine environment on which our business’s depend. Social outreach to the communities in and around the Komodo National Park with strong collaboration with local and national government and organizations which share the same value and mission. Frequent and ongoing awareness raising programs and activism for waste management.

How D.O.C.K. Helps!

Diving Standards.

Enhanced Safety Standards for a challenging marine environment. Strict environmental standards for operations in a fragile and threatened marine environment!

Environmental Activism

Driving change by setting the right example. And reaching out to all sectors of the community for a better environmental consciousness..

Campaign and Cooperate

Engage with local stakeholders and government to promote change and assist in positive developmental programs for the entire community.


Directly contribute to and support local initiatives that help address the issues faced by the marine environment!

DOCK Projects

Our future project for DOCK envisions an innovative initiative that combines environmental conservation, marine protection, education, and eco-tourism. The project aims to establish a sustainable marine conservation center. Simultaneously, educational programs will be developed to raise awareness about marine conservation, targeting both local communities and local government. The incorporation of eco-tourism elements will provide visitors with immersive experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving our oceans while contributing to the economic well-being of the region.

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