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Save Komodo from single-use plastic waste and Save Money at the same time!

Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, May 2019 —As we all know, the Komodo National Park is the magnet for visitors, both domestic and international, to visit the main gateway town of Labuan Bajo. This rapidly developing tourist hot spot used to be popular for one reason – the Komodo Dragons. However, as the area has grown in popularity, the underwater world has been discovered as well. People flock to the area to encounter the majestic manta rays and impressive coral reefs. The tourism sector is rapidly expanding, and the Indonesia government has plans to develop Flores as one of the ‘ten new Balis’. Whilst this will cause a welcome economic boom for the area, there is one thing that concerns the community – increasing waste.

Piles of trash are indeed aesthetically disturbing to tourists, but looking at deeper, the plastic waste issue is way more serious. Marine debris such as microplastics can contaminate fish which, if eaten by humans, could cause health problems including cancer. The issue of plastic has become global news over the past two years, with nations pledging to cut down on plastic and many countries and island even banning some forms of single-use plastic – as we can see in various part of Indonesia as well. There is increasing scientific evidence that plastic in our oceans is causing huge detrimental effects – from smothering corals to contaminating fish. Clean-up events are increasing in popularity as people take to social media to show their efforts, however reduction of plastic use is the number one long term solution. A collaborative step is definitely needed to tackle the waste problem and this is what DOCK aim to do!

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, DOCK has started the ‘Save Money Save Komodo’ campaign. One of our member, Ed Statham from Wunderpus Liveaboard, initially came up with the idea; to reach out to visiting tourists, educate and encourage tourists to travel sustainably, equipped them with suitable supporting tools, and encourage more eco-friendly businesses at the same time. Upon their arrival at Labuan Bajo airport, visitors will be presented with the opportunity to purchase the DOCK eco-travel kit that consists of a reusable straw, bags & bottles as well as a town map with a list of water refill stations to reduce their single-use plastic consumption. Upon purchasing the kit, they will then be entitled to various discounts and offers from all DOCK Dive Centers and more than 20 DOCK supporting restaurants, cafes, spas and accommodations. The community of Labuan Bajo has really come together to support the reduction of single-use plastic waste, and it is inspiring to see!

Pssst… even President Jokowi has his own DOCK eco-travel kit 😉

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