Dive Operators Community of Komodo

Established in 2008 DOCK was founded as a response to the need of a unified voice in the growing dive industry in Komodo National Park by ensuring quality service and safe diving practices.

Through the promotion of sustainable tourism, helping and sponsoring conservation programs DOCK is dedicated to support and protect the National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to ensure the future of Komodo and its unique marine environment for many generations to come.

As Labuan Bajo is one of the fastest growing cities in Indonesia we work close together with the local community, National Park Authorities and the local government to help manage the rapid growth in this gateway city to Komodo National Park.

DOCK has outlined dive safety rules and conduct for guests, guides and boats operating in the park. These rules are established by combining years of knowledge and experience diving in Komodo National Park. The guidelines are considered the benchmark when diving in Komodo.


  • Promote co-operation, sharing and learning from each other to increase quality of service and safety levels.


  • Establish and maintain a code of conduct and ethics for dive operators, boats, dive guides, guests in the national park to preserve the marine life in the national park


  • Stimulate and fund NGO’s that are contributing to conservation and protecting the national park.


  • Liaise continuously with the Government (executive and legislative), National Park authorities and Police with matters affecting the tourism industry and the national park.


  • Provide safe diving excursions by developing and sustaining SAR (Search and Rescue programs)


The first projects that had dive operators working together were installing new mooring buoys across the national park. Between 2001 and 2006 up to 46 new moorings were placed inside the national park. While the ones already in place were being improved.

In 2008 the Komodo National Park Dive Operators Association was founded with the first dive centers that established in Labuan Bajo.

They helped with implementation of the 7 year infrastructure plan of Putri Naga Komodo, the collaborative management organisation with the Komodo National Park authorities. This plan consisted of establishing reporting protocols for illegal fishing, safety guidelines in the park and assessment of fish stocks and extraction rates. More details of the history and work from PNK can be found here. http://www.komodonationalpark.org

Other main elements of the project was setting up floating ranger stations, radio communication systems and visitor facilities in the main tourism areas.

In September 2013 KNPDAO rebranded to DOCK due to a big growth of the dive industry operators and formed a new association. Today we have 16 active member dive operators wholly focused on operations in the Komodo National Park

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We strongly encourage all dive operations in Komodo to become DOCK members.  Together we can make a positive difference and preserve the National Park for generations to come.

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